Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Just a House

I know we are behind, but tonight the boys and I pay-per-viewed "Up". We had a great night together! We had fun eating junk food for dinner - cherry pie, ice cream and popcorn! The boys loved the movie and I actually enjoyed it as well (in spite of my tears!). It was nice to take the time to sit and watch with them as opposed to doing dishes or something else while they are entertained.

The line in the movie, "It's just a house" really touched me. It's nice to be reminded of what is important in life, and it's not the things. The people, experiences, relationships and memories, those are the things that last for a lifetime.

So, in honor of the movie "Up", I am chronicling the memory we made tonight, a night of junk food, laughter, tears, snuggling and fun. A memory I hope my boys will always remember.

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