Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Table

It all started when I saw this

when I was out shopping. I saw it, I sat down and I imagined myself surrounded by the boys and Joel having dinner, and I LOVED it. Not that I NEEDED a new dining room set, but I LOVED it, so I went home and told Joel that I had found the dining room set that I had been looking for. Of course his first response was, "How much is it?" Once the most important questions had been answered, he said, "Sell your dining room table and we'll go get it." I was so excited!

Before I did anything drastic, I went back to the store with Joel and the boys and asked all of them what they thought about the table. Joel liked it and the boys, well, they told me that they liked our old one better and it was too high. Jacob also informed me that it wouldn't look good in our dining room. All of that aside, I decided to sell my table. I called a friend who had previously admired it and asked if she was interested and it was SOLD!

So, we went out and bought the table. As soon as the table was in the dining room, I got that sinking feeling. You know, the one where you KNOW you've made a mistake and you can't take it back? I had sold my table, spent money on something that was not necessary and then helped carry the 180 pound table and eight 25 pound chairs up the numerous stairs to my front door for this! Jacob was right, it didn't look good in our dining room... Seriously, how did a 9 year old boy know it wouldn't look right in our dining room when I didn't? Thing is, I think I KNEW it wouldn't look right, I just WANTED it to look right!

So now I'm stuck with this great dining room table that I love in a room that I hate...guess I need to get a new house!


  1. Oh Bris! LOL, I'm sure it looks fine, but Happy House Hunting!


  2. Would painting help? That might be cheaper than a new house... :) The dining set looks awesome!


  3. So, are you going to leave us hanging? You need to post a picture of the new table in your dining we can see it! I am sure it looks much better than you think! Those "pub" tables are very popular! :-)