Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gavin, Reading?

Gavin and I have been working on "school" on and off for a few months now. At his age, the other boys were never even remotely interested in reading or school stuff, but Gavin is. I figured I'd attempt to teach him to read, even though he has a year and a half before he will be in kindergarten, so I bought a Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Curriculum Kit. It has tons of great stuff in it for reading, writing and math.

I can't believe how much knowledge he has soaked up! He can identify ALL of his uppercase letters, most with sounds and all but 7 of his lowercase letters! Once he knows all of his lowercase letters we will move on to reading! He actually read the word CAT this afternoon! He can count to 40, which is pretty exceptional since they want them to count to 20 by the time they get to Kindergarten. We have been working on handwriting by learning how to hold a pencil properly and drawing lines in various ways. After he masters his lines we can move on to writing letters.

I'm so excited for him! I hope he continues to love learning throughout his days in school and beyond.


  1. Interesting, I was thiking of getting that for Michael. We have been using the TAG learn to read books and he loves those.

  2. Jodi-
    It was recommended by a friend of mine that taught kindergarten before she had kids. She's actually using it for her 5 year old now also.
    We had a TAG system but our boys didn't really get into it. Maybe I should try it out again for Gavin... I thought it was cool anyway!