Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer and Baby Stuff

Once again we are working to open a new store over the summer and although we've worked like crazy and everything is ready, apparently the City of Austin is not. Permitting stuff is a nightmare and can you really believe that there are separate inspectors for drywall and drywall fasteners?? Seriously, if a guy knows about drywall, shouldn't he be able to inspect the fasteners used to secure it to the wall?? Luckily the landlord and his contractor have been the ones responsible for dealing with the city and all their nonsense, but personally I would feel much better if I were in control of dealing with the city. Sometimes I just can't really believe that the City of Austin can be that difficult to deal with. So here we sit with a store that was ready to open 2 weeks ago and no occupancy permit, money flying out the window everytime we get a call for a birthday party we can't book and everytime a mom stops by to see if her kid can come in to play.

Gavin has enjoyed being home with his brothers the last month. He's really so easy going that we don't have to do much to keep him happy! Keaton went to a Tennis Camp a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. He and Jacob also went to an incredible VBS. Unfortunately they only take kids going into Kindergarten through 5th grade, so Gavin couldn't attend this year. Jacob and Keaton had a great time and can't wait for me to sign them up again next year. Jacob was also able to go to Fiesta Texas with a friend for his birthday. We've done some swimming, seen some movies, played with friends and over the 4th saw Bob Schneider in concert and a fireworks show! All in all the summer has been good so far and I'm looking forward to spending a few days away from home soon. With the new store opening soon (we hope!) we won't be able to go on a BIG vacation, but I'm thinking a couple days at Hy.att Lost Pines would be fun and relaxing.

On the baby front, I'm now 24 weeks 4 days along and all seems to be going well. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and was thrilled to learn that I've only gained 23 pounds in this 24 weeks! Hopefully I will continue to grow at 1 pound per week or less and could actually end up with a weight gain of only 39 pounds! That would be 11 pounds less than my last 2 pregnancies and 24 pounds less than when I was pregnant with Jacob. Of course I am not counting on it since I have gained A LOT of weight with the other boys, but it definitely would be nice to have less weight to lose! Here's the latest belly shot taken today.

I've also managed to clean out the room that will be the nursery and even bought some bedding. I saw this set more than a year ago and loved it and then found it at the outlet this weekend. I contemplated whether or not it was too "babyish" but ultimately decided (with the help of my dear friend Weslea!) I could change it out when he outgrows it since it was such a great price. AND, how often do you love something for over a year and then happen to find it the first time you're out shopping?


  1. I love the nursery stuff, I think it's very cute and unique. Good luck with the store, let me know when you get it opened and Audrey and I will stop in sometime when you're there to take a peek.

    Love ya!

  2. good for you buying the nursery stuff... i never invested that much in their baby rooms. nice to find you in the blogosphere! i'm working on becoming a better blogger. :-)

    p.s. you're a pretty pregnant lady! can't wait till hoppin' house opens, we'll LOVE coming to play this winter!