Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feeling a Little Guilty

Although I could be spending money in much better ways, I just ordered this.

Why I need a beautiful (and expensive) diaper bag is beyond me, but I saw a woman carrying a similar one in the elevator of my doctor's office and fell in love. I immediately got online that afternoon and looked it up, gasped at the price and decided I surely wouldn't get one. I shouldn't have signed up for emails telling me when they had special outlet sales though.

Today I got the email saying they were having a surprise outlet sale till tomorrow so of course I had to check it out. I've never even held or opened this bag and have only seen the similar one in the elevator, but I ordered it anyway! Since all outlet sales are final hopefully I will love it. AND if I love it, perhaps I can get past the lingering guilty feelings of making a large and unnecessary internet purchase. If not, I guess there's always ebay!


  1. I hope you love it! It is really cute and why not? Everyone deserves a little splurge every now and then! And... If you keep yours, I might have a little leverage to get a really nice bag for our next baby ;)

    Love ya,
    The Not-so-good-at-party-planning-friend

  2. I like the way The Not-so-good-at-party-planning-friend thinks! Enjoy the bag, it's adorable!

    Love you!