Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Football Season!

Yes, it's football season here at our house. Keaton, our boy we thought least likely to want to play football, is playing flag football! His team is called the Wild Cheetahs and he is LOVING it!

The games are WAAAAYYYYY too early - we have to be there to practice at 8am and play a game at 9am - but the joy that football brings him is worth the loss of sleep. Keaton has played in 2 games and has successfully pulled the flags off 3 kids on the other team and has even caught the ball! He's especially enjoying the jersey that is blue on one side and flips inside out to be white on the other. For some reason that is super exciting for a first grader. It is so much fun to see your kids doing something they enjoy!

Pictures coming soon!

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